Transporters of EURO PALLETS

Dopravníky europaletThe machine equipment is designed for the transport of various goods stored on individual Euro pallets. The Euro pallet system smoothly and carefully handles goods to load them onto a fully automatic conveyor which is designed to load and unload Euro pallets onto and from a trailer quickly and safely. This system has been designed by our company, which allows us to apply it into any trailers and storage conditions according to customer requirements. The loading and unloading of a truck is controlled by a machine unit and all operations are performed fully automatically after the driver connects the cable unit.


The steel parts that are not made of stainless steel are protected by a Komaxit finish.

Dopravníky europaletComponents:

Siemens, Murdteeldt, Marbett, Rexnord, Bonfiglioli, Eurofit.

Basic specifications:

Loading speed 0.12 m/s
Unloading speed 0.12 m/s
Euro pallet dimensions 1.200 mm x 800 mm