Screw capping machines

UzavíračkyThe screw capping machine is designed for capping various format types of bottles. Screw capping machines are made according to customer requirements and also to orders for special designs. The machines are manufactured at a high technical and professional standard using the state-of-art technologies and materials. The smooth regulation of the output of the machine is secured by a frequency converter. With regard to its design, the machine can be applied as and independent, fully automatic machine, or it can be incorporated in the monoblock or triblock of any filter.

Capping of various types of bottles:

- Alkork
- Plastic cap MUL-P1, semiautomatic 600L/h
- Crown cap AU1/can, automatic 800L/h
- Canister cap ULA-1/8, automatic 2.500L/h
- Syrups SU4, automatic 4.500L/h
- Liquors SU 8, automatic 8.000L/h
- Honey SU 12, automatic 10.000L/h
- Carbonated drinks
- Sport caps
- Twist caps

Basic specifications:

MUL-P1 halfautomatic - 600 L/hour
AU 1/can automatic - 800 L/hour
ULA-1/8 automatic - 2500 L/hour
SU 4 automatic - 4500 L/hour
SU 8 automatic - 8000 L/hour
SU 12 automatic - 10000 L/hour