KEG fillers

Plniče KEG sudůMachine is completely made from stainless steel. It is using washing brushes and for better quality of cleaning, there is used also rotation movement of kegs. The washing process is fully controlled automatically by the optical device.

Washing design

- circuit
- filling armatures
- bottom of keg

Design of KEG
Diameter Height Effect
30l a 50l all diameters
all heights
From 20 up to 120 kegs/hour




Designed for filling kegs of all scales. Filling is procesed under the pressure of CO2, it's fully automatic and the filling cycle is controlled by operating device. There is also the weight check and keg feeder. Extra can be supplyed the automatic keg rotation machine.

Plniče KEG sudů- Pressuring and opening of kegs by pneumatic devices
- Filling heads according to the performance
- The rest of water in kegs is conrolled by special sond (guarantied emptiness of kegs)
- Mediums ( hot water, vapour, cold water)